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CSGO Server Live


Hey guys,

Just letting you know we now have a live CSGO server,

the IP is satelite.knoobgroup.com:27012

We are in the process of seeing if we can get stats going for it, since it obviously can’t use the same code we use to log Gmod time with!

See you there!

Registrations re-re-working again…!


So remember when I bragged about having fixed the bug with registrations?
Yeah, no, well sort of.

I had fixed it for everyone but gmail and a few other email hosts, or rather, fixed the original problem but this one was introduced as a side effect.

Now, this should be fixed this time but let me know if it isn’t!
I have tested with multiple email providers now and it does seem to work, so if you haven’t already, you can register an account and if you were affected by the bug, you can manually reset your password, to gain access to your new account!

Thanks for those who helped bug test this!